Fall 2019

Student Leadership Conference

A 4-Year Recruiting Pipeline Experience

September 28, 2019   |  10AM - 2:30PM   |   HH1055

Important Info:

Business Professional Dress Code

Bring 3 copies of your resume

Lunch will be provided!

The Ascend Student Leadership Conference (SLC) offers an amazing opportunity to develop professionally and explore future career paths. You'll get to meet professors and alumni who will share their stories and experiences. You will also have a chance to sharpen your interviewing and networking skills with feedback from industry professionals. Through these activities, you can strengthen your professional capacities to prepare you for recruiting season and beyond! Join us for this event and let's keep ascending!

Event Details

Stage 1

Career Exploration

Meet Kelley alumni and explore 4 fields in business: Accounting, Finance, Consulting, and Technology

Stage 2

Preparing for Recruiting Season

Enhance your resume, practice networking, and receive feedback from Ascend upperclassmen

Stage 3

Recruiting Season

Network with alumni and refine your interviewing skills through 1-on-1 interviews

Stage 4

Go Beyond Business School

Listen to the stories of

full-time professionals

Event Agenda

Vu Bui


Business Analyst

Catherine Wang

University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Student

Andrew Tan

Deloitte (Chicago)

Senior Consultant

Jake Lee

Fan Wang

Deloitte (Chicago)

Senior Consultant

Ada He

Braviant Holdings (Chicago)

Product Manager

Ji Won Lee

Lazard (Chicago)

Investment Banking Analyst

Wei Xin Ng

Deloitte (Indianapolis)

Senior Auditor

Sue Du

Deloitte (Chicago)

Senior Consultant

Joe Wu

Deloitte Consulting

Audit Analytics Specialist

Steven Li

Google Shopping


Jason Ng

Deloitte Consulting

Business Analyst

Yan Zhang

EY (Chicago)

Risk Consultant

Kelvin Chong

Deloitte Consulting (Chicago)

Business Analyst

Kevin Chen

General Motors (Arizona)

Software Engineer

Featured Speakers

EY (Chicago)



See you there!

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