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Meet Our Executives

Lianne Yu


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Haley Hwang


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Albert Gunawan

Finance VP

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Wei Wen Lim

Technology VP

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Richard Xu

External VP

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Drew Yao

Internal VP

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Zhen Han Lee Feng

Professional Development VP

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Adam Lu

Marketing VP

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Meet Our Committees

External Committee develops and maintains strong relationships with partner firms and non-profit organizations.

External Committee

Professional Development

Professional Development Committee provides a series of well-structured courses to Ascend members through two programs, Exclusive Development Program and Case Workshop.

Technology Committee

Ascend's Technology Committee aims at applying updated technologies to enhance Ascend’s work effectiveness and efficiency.

The Internal Committee utilizes in-school resources to host social and professional events.

Internal Committee

Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee aims to assess, develop, and implement the promotion of Ascend and its events, through various channels.

The Finance committee plans budgets for various Ascend events. We acquire via presentations to receive funding from different organizations, attract long-term and short-term sponsorships from local businesses, and plan fundraising events.

Finance Committee

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