1-Year Discount Card: $30

(Expires Dec 31st, 2020)

1-Semester Discount Card: $18

(Expires July 31st, 2020)


Ascend General Membership Card, issued by Ascend Leadership – Indiana University Bloomington Chapter, may be used to receive discounts at the following, participating restaurants around Indiana University’s campus.


Your name and card expiration date will be visible on the card and will require verification at the register. After receiving your purchase order and payment, we will reach out regarding the specific time and location to pick up your card.


Contact us at danryu@iu.edu with any questions. 

Zero Degrees

10% Discount

Gourmet Garden

10% Discount

Cafe Bali

15% Discount

Bapu Teahouse

10% Discount

Mr. Hot Pot

10% Discount



  1. No returns and/or refunds accepted.

  2. The Cardholder shall not permit anyone else to use the Card issued to the Cardholder for any reason.

  3. Participating merchants that accept the Card may require additional identification to ensure that the person using the Card is the specific Cardholder.

  4. The Cardholder is responsible for care and protection of the Card. If the card is lost/stolen/damaged, the Cardholder is able to obtain a replacement of the Card at a $5 replacement fee by contacting us at danryu@iu.edu.

  5. By using the General Membership Card, you agree to the above Terms & Conditions. Ascend has the right to void your Membership Card, without refund, in case of violation of the above Terms & Conditions.

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