Director Recruitment

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Recruitment Timeline

Final Results

Application Open

Nov 1st - Nov 8  

11:59pm EST

Director Recruitment Call Out Meeting

Nov 3rd,

7:00pm, EST

Geology Buidling

BLGY 1050


2nd Round: November 13

Final Results

1st Round: Nov 9 - Nov 11

Nov 15
Welcome New Ascenders!

If you decide to join Ascend as a Director, please review the following information regarding the application process:


1. Understand the recruitment timeline and application requirements for the committees you are applying to.

Please make yourself available during the first and second-round interview dates. If you have a legitimate conflict, please email the committee VP.


2. Complete the application form by the stated deadline (November 8th, 2021, 11:59 pm EST).

You are welcome to apply to up to 2 committees, which will require you to attend 2 separate first-round interviews. If you want to know more about the different committees in Ascend,  

3. If you have been selected for interviews, you will receive an email containing the interview details from the respective committees.

For more information regarding recruitment 

Application Requirements

To apply, you must submit 3 relevant application materials:



of Interest /

Short Essay

Committee-Specific Requirements

Committee-Specific Requirements

Click on the images to view the requirements for each committee and find out more.


Cover Letter

Write a sample cover letter (It could be a cover letter that you've done before, or you could create one from scratch using a company as your base)


Select 1 from 3 provided questions and write 150 - 200 words.


1. Fundraising Idea Pitch 

Prepare a 1-2 minute pitch of a fundraising idea (you will be presenting this in the interview).

2. Logistics Summary

Include the logistics of pitch idea, maximum 1 page. (Submit it along with your resume and statement of interest).


Marketing Idea Pitch

Prepare a 2-3 minute pitch of a new and exciting marketing idea and give a detailed explanation of the whole marketing plan (you will be presenting this in the interview).


Social Event Pitch

Prepare a 5 minute pitch of a social event (you will be presenting this in the interview). Explain how the event would work, what logistical requirements is needed, and what objective do you want to accomplish from this event.


Prepare ONE of the following options:

1. Sample Email

Write a sample email (Invitation to alumni for our events, contacting a recruiter, etc.)


2. Event Proposal

Create an event proposal (International recruitment workshop, an event topic you think is suitable and interesting, etc.)

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